Vel heppnuð keppnisferð til Skotlands

Bridge of Allan Games Wrestling The Commonwealth Games were the biggest international sporting event last week, but not the only one, the Bridge of Allan Games had forty seven adult back hold wrestlers from four countries, Scotland Iceland, Sweden and England.  There were also throwers from five countries, Australia, Poland, England, Iceland and Scotland,  so once again the Strathallan Gathering, the inspiration for the creation of the modern Olympic Games, was a showpiece for traditional sport. Four male adult championships and one female were at stake and despite the very difficult weather conditions the standard was very high. Four of the Swedish wrestlers were former members of their national Greco Roman style squad and had highly developed upper body throwing techniques, enough to get them into the prize list but not to win any titles against their much lighter but more skilled Scots opponents in the male or open categories, though Inga Gudrunssdotter of Iceland won the 8st 7lbs female Scottish championship.  Unfortunately, in the 11st 7lbs Scottish championship,    Ryan Ferry of Hamilton broke a rib when he was thrown heavily onto the closed hands of his Swedish opponent Daniel Kutz and was forced to retire.  The heavyweight British Championship final was an all Scottish affair, and Ryan Dolan from the Carnoustie club retained the title in a hard fought final against clubmate, Frazer Hirsch while George Reid of Dundee retained the Scottish 11st 7lbs championship. Results 9st 7lbs 1st David Blair                                        Dundee Wrestling Club 2nd Guðlaugur Týr Vilhjálmsson              Iceland 3rd Sindri Sigurðsson                               Iceland 4th E McDermott                                     Red Road, Glasgow 11st 7lbs Scottish Championship & Abramson Cup 1st George Reid                           Dundee Wrestling Club 2nd Daniel Kutz                            Sweden 3rd Ryan Ferry                             Hamilton Wrestling Club                                   4th Ioan Lund                              Sweden 13st 7lbs         British Championship & Muirhead Trophy 1st Scott Carson                          Aberdeen Wrestling Club 2nd Greg Neilson                          Hamilton Wrestling Club 3rd George Reid                           Dundee           “          “ 4th Patric Johson                          Sweden Heavyweight (Open) 1st Ryan Dolan                            Carnoustie      “          “ 2nd Frazer Hirsch                          Carnoustie      “          “ 3rd Guðmundur S. Gunnarsson   Iceland                        “          “ 4th Rab Truesdale                        Alloa               “          “ Females 8st 7lbs Scottish Championship & Mari Cambeul Quaich 1st Guðrún Inga Helgadóttir       Iceland 2nd Francesca Todd                      Hamilton Wrestling Club 3rd Lily Hirsch                             Carnoustie      “          “ 4th Emma McDermot                  Red Road, Glasgow Open 1st Annika Rut Arnarssdóttir      Iceland 2nd Hanna Kristín Ólafssdóttir    Iceland 3rd Emma McDermot                  Red Road, Glasgow 4th Bylgia Rún Ólafssdóttir         Iceland Juniors 5st 7lbs 1st Dean Whyte                           Carnoustie Wrestling Club 2nd Andrew MacAadam              Carnoustie      “          “ 3rd Harvey Bain                           Red Road, Glasgow 6st 7lbs 1st Jamie McDermot                    Red Road, Glasgow 3rd Dean Whyte                           Carnoustie Wrestling Club 7st 7lbs 1st Sam McRory                          Hamilton         “          “ 2nd James MacKenzie                  Hamilton         “          “ 3rd Rory MacDonald                   Hamilton         “          “ 8st 7lbs 1st James MacKenzie                  Hamilton         “          “ 2nd Sam McRory                          Hamilton         “          “ 3rd Rory MacDonald                   Hamilton         “          “ 10st 7lbs 1st Aaron Melia                           Combat Ready, Edinburgh 2nd Ben Johnstone                                   Hamilton Wrestling Club 3rd Sindri Sigurðsson                   Iceland Open 1st Bjarni Darri Sigfússon           Iceland 2nd Þorgils Kári Sigurðsson          Iceland 3rd Eiður Helgi Benediksson       Iceland Females 1st Hanna Kristín Ólafsdóttir      Iceland 2nd Annika Rut Arnarsdóttir        Iceland 3rd Bylga Rún Ólafsdóttir           Iceland